Hello world!


Hi there!

I’m so happy you are here. Though I’m assuming readership right now consists solely of those who are related to me (Hi Mom! Hi Grandma Ginny!), those who live with me (Hi Tori! Hi Haley!), or those who date me (Good work, Nate!), I’m excited to get started! To me, food has always been an expression of love. It’s love that is tangible and easily shared with others. When someone is sick, you make them chicken noodle soup. To celebrate a birthday, you make a cake. As a hostess, you make your guests yummy treats. When someone is going through a tough time, you take a pan of brownies. Food has always been the most simple way to spread love.

Food and baked goods are also extremely comforting. There is something exceptionally satisfying about the end result of baking, about mixing together assorted ingredients to create something wonderful. To me, it is very stress relieving. I learned this during a busy and somewhat stressful spring semester. We live in a “Pinterest World” that makes it far too easy to search for a tasty cookie recipe. That is exactly what I did one cold winter afternoon, and this is where it all began! I was immediately hooked. In the days that followed, I spent an embarrassing amount of time combing the web for new recipes. However, I noticed that it was, at times, difficult to find recipes to suit my needs. I usually bake from my small apartment kitchen with limited supplies and ingredients. “There must be others in the same situation as me,” I thought. This was the inspiration for sprinkledwithliv.

On my blog you will be able to find a variety of fun and simple to make recipes, mostly collected from other sources, at least initially. I love searching for simple and yummy treats. Homemade doesn’t have to mean hard or complicated (or expensive). I believe that baking should be easily accessed by everyone. I am by no means an experienced baker, but I look forward to learning as I go! Expect to see a lot of sprinkles.

I would love to hear from you with ideas, comments, questions, or recommendations. Feel free to email me at: olivia-johnson-1@uiowa.edu – Let’s be friends.



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