Overnight Oatmeal


Guys. I have to make a confession. It might be a little frightening. Here it goes.


There, I said it.

I tried a new recipe last night for overnight oats. I mixed the ingredients together, went to bed, and awoke to pure yummy-ness. I’m telling you, you’re going to love these! After doing a little taste testing, I grabbed my camera so that I could capture the essence of this breakfast champion. First, I attempted using a Mason Jar as a prop (very hipster of me). This did not go well. It looked sloppy and gross. Next, I settled upon these adorable little petal bowls. They are better, but still not great. It still sort of looks like the porridge I imagine was served in orphanages in the mid-1800s. THIS MEANS THAT YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO TAKE MY WORD FOR TRUTH. Well, mine and Hy-Vee’s.

What’s that I say? Hy-Vee? Yes, my friends, this recipe is from Hy-Vee, the Hy-Vee “seasons” magazine to be precise. If you know me at all, you know that I am a big believer in Hy-Vee. The quality of produce! The friendly employees! The 24/7 availability! The Starbucks inside! The Chinese food! I could go on forever. One of my most favorite things about Hy-Vee is their free seasonal magazine. THIS IS A REAL THING. Sure, it’s filled with product placements, but it also has lots of tasty and easy recipes.

In the current “Back To School” issue, I noticed, hidden away in a corner, a recipe for “Overnight Oatmeal”. If you are unfamiliar with this concept, then you clearly have not been on Pinterest any time in the past year. As the name suggest, “Overnight Oatmeal” is oatmeal that is mixed together at night, before one goes to bed. The next morning it is ready to go, no cooking or heating required. I eagerly gave it a go! One of the nicest things about this recipe is that you probably already have all of the necessary ingredients on hand. I also love that it can be incredibly flexible. Use any fruit that you like. Use any nuts that you like. Basically, do whatever you want. No rules.

You will love these overnight oats because they make breakfast speedy! The oatmeal is creamy and filling, not to mention super healthy. It’s great for summertime when you are craving oatmeal, but not really in the mood for something piping hot. Let’s be honest, when it’s over 80 degrees outside, I feel no need to eat anything steamy.


Overnight Oatmeal (from Hy-Vee)

1 (5.3 oz) container of plain Greek yogurt (I used Chobani)

2/3 cup old-fashioned rolled oats

2/3 cup skim milk

1/2 cup strawberries (feel free to substitute fruit or nuts of choice)

2 tablespoons brown sugar (packed)

Combine yogurt, oats, milk, fruit/nuts, and brown sugar (OKAY, ALL THE INGREDIENTS) in a medium sized bowl.

Spoon mixture into tupperware container or jars of choice (if you are feeling trendy). Cover. Refrigerate overnight. (According to Hy-Vee, this recipe will last in the fridge up to 3 days, although I have not yet tested this.)

When serving, you may add extra fruit or nuts!

There ya go. That’s the whole thing. Too easy, right?


One thing that I love most about this recipe is the possibility for variation. There are so many creative combos you could make! I’m thinking some sort of banana nut concoction may be delicious. What will you mix into your Overnight Oatmeal?

Have an amazing weekend!



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