Mint Oreo Truffles


Hello friends.

It is me. I am here. I am still alive. I have emerged from the world of Student Teaching. Only two more weeks left, then I am a real adult! What this means is that I will then return home for several weeks of jammies, baking, and Netflix time until I can begin subbing. Tough life! I was able to return home from Des Moines on Monday after I almost threw up/passed out while teaching a math lesson on shopping for Thanksgiving food (the life of a second grade teacher…). “What’s wrong with Miss Johnson?” a little girl shouted as I paled and sprinted out of the room. What’s wrong with Miss Johnson, indeed.

By yesterday morning, I was feeling better, and I had some time to kill. No homework? No schoolwork? No planning? WHAT IS THIS?! Naturally, I decided this was a sign for holiday baking to begin. What better way to begin my holiday baking than with a recipe that requires absolutely no baking and only three ingredients? (Sprinkles are not included in this count, though they are obviously essential.) These Mint Oreo Truffles taste reminiscent of a Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie (sold yet?) and are just so darn cute covered in chocolate and festive sprinkles (how about now?).

You will love the rich chocolatey flavor contained in these bite sized morsels! I used a food processor to combine the ingredients, but you most definitely do not need one! I get drunk on the power of using my mom’s food processor while home, but in my normal peasant college-student life I do not have access to one.


Mint Oreo Truffles

1 package Mint Oreos

1 “brick” (8 0z) cream cheese (softened)

1 (12 oz) bag of high quality chocolate chips for melting (I used semi-sweet, but you could use milk or white chocolate)

Dump the entire package of Oreos into the food processor. Pulse until there are no large lumps and the mixture is coarse crumbs. (NON-PROCESSOR PEEPS: Put all Oreos into a large ziploc freezer bag. Seal. With your hands or a rolling pin, smash Oreos until they are coarse crumbs. Use this time to get out any holiday related stress or anger. How cathartic, right?)

Cut up softened cream cheese and put into food processor. Pulse until the Oreo and cream cheese mixture is creamy. (NON-PROCESSOR PEEPS: Dump crumbs into a medium-sized bowl. Place cut up cream cheese in the bowl with Oreos. Using a hand mixer, combine ingredients.)

Create tablespoon sized balls of dough. I use a small cookie scoop. Place dough onto a parchment paper covered baking sheet. Refrigerate balls for at least 45 minutes. This step is CRUCIAL. If balls are not completely frozen, then the melted chocolate will not stick properly!

In a microwave safe bowl, melt half of the chocolate chips. Microwave for 45 seconds. Stir. Microwave for 10 second intervals until the chips are fully melted and without lumps. Be careful to not overcook. One by one, dunk each ball of dough into the melted chocolate. Use a fork to remove from the chocolate, allowing excess to drain through the prongs. Cover in sprinkles before the chocolate dries!

Return chocolate covered truffles to the refrigerator for the chocolate to set. Store in a cool location, preferably the refrigerator.


How cute are these served in festive cupcake liners?! These would make a great little gift for someone special in your life! Maybe an over-worked and under-paid student teacher you know? These would also be perfect if you are in need of a last minute sweet treat for tomorrow! YOU ARE WELCOME!

I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with the love of those most important to you.



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